About Gear Legs

I've been an R/C pilot for over 20 years, and each year, I learn to love the hobby more. I've flown airplanes, helio's, and jets. I've made many great friendships, some life long, at the flying field, and IMAC events around the country. As a modeler, I'm always looking for great new products to share with the R/C community.

On the way to the flying field, someone pulls out in front of you. It happens all the time around the country. When you finally get stopped, you climb out of your rig and go check on the airplane. You open the door to your trailer holding your breath and observe the carnage. The eye hooks on the bungie cords have straighten, and whats left of your airplane is piled up in very small piece at the front of your trailer. What was once a beautiful 40% airplane is now a very ugly .40 size something. I've had it happen to several friends. This is what lead to the development of Gear Legs! I wanted to give the R/C community something at a very reasonible price. An investment to protect your latest, greatest airplane.

I've spent alot of time trying, and testing the Gear Legs that I produce today. I'm always looking for ways to better the product, and expand the product line to meet ALL modelers needs. I also live by the following ideal:

"No matter how good the product, without the VERY BEST customer service, the product is useless." This is the reason that above everything else, I strive to make sure that each and every customer is treated the way that I want to be treated!

Thank you for your business!!!!

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