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Finally a way to secure your giant scale airplanes while you transport them! You will feel confident in knowing that no matter how rough the road, your airplane will be in one piece, in the same place that it was when you started the day!

Gear Legs are made of high grade steel for the maximum strength while maintaining the smallest profile possible. All parts are CNC laser cut for the tightest tolerances, and best fitting parts. Gear Leg parts are laser cut and then machine pressed to provide a product that has no welds to crack or break, while at the same time providing the best finished and fitting product available!

I want to thank all my customers that have bought and used Gear Legs. Please keep in mind that I produce Gear Legs, not as a living, but as a way of providing a product that we need in the R/C Hobby. I have a full time job that keeps me from home alot, so I appreciate the understanding that sometimes I get covered up and behind, and can't immediately ship a product. If there is ever going to be a delay in shipping, I always try and let the customer know when I'll ship and when to expect the product. I try to keep plenty in stock, ready to ship, but sometimes I do get back up a little. Customer service is my main goal, and I want to provide the best service that I can.

Gear Legs in 6", 8" and 10" lengths are in stock and ready to ship! Contact Matt at 870-230-2390 or email me at matt.owens@arkcomachine.com to order. I'm now accepting Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

At this time, the E-Track system are no longer available. Roy has moved and once settled in, he may start producing them again. I'll keep you updated here.

********Important Notice*************

It's been brought to my attention that some folks are having a litte trouble with velcro strips coming loose or not staying secure. I've traveled 1000's of miles with these straps holding my airplanes, and they do work if you'll install them like shown in the instructions. If you follow the directions that I supply with your Gear Legs, you will have NO-Zero problems, but if you fail to wrap the velcro straps as shown in the install instructions, doing a half wrapped, followed by full wrap, they can/will come loose...

Gear Legs and E-Track System installed in Josh Eastman's trailer

Gear Legs and E-Track System

Gear Legs

Gear Legs

Gear Legs

Tail Gear

The Tail Gear can very easily be adjusted to fit any tailwheel. It comes at an angle of 40 degress or so, but can be bent up or down to fit your exact tailwheel. It's designed to hold the tailwheel off the floor, thus taking the load off the tail of the airplane.

Gear Legs

Gear Legs

The main Gear Legs are standard 8" long in length. I've found this lenght to be the best all around size for 40% size airplanes. It allows for a 45 degree angle of the Gear Leg thus giving it the most strenght. Longer or shorter Main Legs are available as well. The Gear Head itself is 4" long and 1" wide, while being padded(supplied) with 3M adhesive backed high density pad. This padding protects your landing gear surface and finish. Also include in the set are 5 - 12" strips of EZ Wrap doubled sided Velcro.

Gear Legs

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